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What people are saying...

  • Fast to find books
    This site is brilliant! I’m a regular audiobook listener and can always find something quickly with just a few clicks.
    ChristinaContent Manager
  • Clean simple design
    I love the clean and simple design. The site has great features too, like the online audio player and personal bookshelf.
    EstebanGraphic Designer
  • Great free resource
    As an English teacher it’s an excellent resource for my students. With thousands of free eBooks from numerous sources.
    RoseEnglish Teacher

Great reasons to use digital books

  1. Convenience

    Listen anytime, anywhere, online or offline. Stream audio directly in your browser or download and play while disconnected.

  2. Mobile

    Listen on your mobile, tablet, or desktop. Audio file formats are supported and played on all devices.

  3. Education

    Learn by listening and become a proficient reader. Access native speakers to help you learn a language.

  4. Learning English

    Improve your pronunciation, expand your vocabulary and better your listening skills in your target language (see Free Audio Books for English Learners).

  5. Adaptable

    Find a narrator you like, change the playback speed, and adjust the volume to create the perfect listening experience.

  6. Sharing

    Things are always better together. Share your favourite digital books and listen with friends and family.

  1. Portable

    Carry your whole library with you wherever you go and access it on your mobile, tablet, or e-reading device. Ideal for travelling.

  2. Variety

    Access thousands of free audiobooks and eBooks online from a range of online libraries covering all genres.

  3. E-readers

    Feature-packed e-readers include WIFI, backlighting, and dictionaries for multi-language support. Change the font size, add audio, and even make digital notes.

  4. Studying

    Widen your vocabulary and improve your grammar. Use graded ebooks or read and listen to the audiobook at the same time to test your comprehension.

  5. Environment

    Digital books are green. No paper, no transportation costs, no waste.

  6. Classics are free!

    Thousands of classic books are available free in the public domain. Digitalbook provides a platform to easily access these free audiobooks and eBooks.



An audiobook is a recording of a text read aloud, either word for word or abridged. They are a convenient alternative to traditional books and an important media for the visually impaired. Audiobooks have come a long way since the 1930s when the first full length recordings appeared for people with disabilities. They were made available to the general public in the 1950s, but it wasn’t until the 1970s with the release of cassette tapes that popularity began to rise, especially among commuters while driving. Today, we no longer use bulky recording formats to listen to audiobooks. New digital devices with space for thousands of files allow you to carry a library around, and download or stream audio directly online. Popular audio formats like mp3 files play on the majority of digital devices. Platforms such as Google Books and Amazon, provide access to huge libraries of books, while smaller non-profit organizations, such as Librivox, allow public domain access to free audiobooks read by volunteers.


An eBook (or Electronic Book) is a version of a printed book in digital format. They are cheaper and quicker to publish and therefore provide a more convenient way to circulate literature. During the 1970s the Internet provided a huge step forward for sharing digital texts and making them available on screen and ready to download. By the end of the 1990s, publishers started to provide digital versions alongside their printed counterparts. EBooks are typically read using an e-reader, such as the popular Kindle, although most digital devices can read EPUBs, the most common format used today. Some devices even allow you to listen to the spoken word and read at the same time. There are plenty of free eBooks available in the public domain, from sites such as Gutenberg and although not likely to replace printed books in the near future, eBooks and audiobooks are changing the way we consume literature. aims to facilitate this by bringing together the best digital books from all the top online sources.

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