If you’re someone who prefers a lightsaber to a cutlass or a space cruiser to an aeroplane, then you’re likely to be nutty about science fiction. In which case, you’re going to love the list we’ve put together of our Top 10 science fiction books. So sit back and tuck in to our choice picks of all things supernatural.

Dune – Frank Herbert

We tackle one the classics first, with the Frank Herbert novel from 1965. In the distant future, the houses of a Atreides and Harkonnen battle for the rights to mine a valuable spice on the desert planet of Arrakis. This spice is the most sought after and precious commodity in the entire universe and the battle for control of it is a fierce one. The indigenous, gigantic sandworms also complicate things as they roam the planet’s surface. This is a real epic and a read that will leave you captivated.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams

 This Douglas Adams novel will have you laughing all the way around the solar system, as the hapless Arthur Dent has to contend with the sudden destruction of Earth in order to make way for an intergalactic highway. On his troublesome journey, he finds out much of what he thought he knew about the universe is largely untrue. In fact, the earth turns out to be run by the mice!

He encounters one curious alien after another and he ends up having the misfortune to cross paths with Zaphod Beeblebrox – a zany, three headed trickster. Arthur’s perils with have you turning page after page.

1984 – George Orwell

 Now to a much more serious tale of a dystopian future earth, where writing, speaking and thinking freely are outlawed. The George Orwell masterpiece tells a tale of love in the midst of a frightening and unpleasant backdrop.  BIG BROTHER is watching everything you do and say. In this downtrodden existence, Winston Smith leads a dreary and subjugated life, but meeting Julia makes him want more. If you’re a sci fi fan, you have to read this one at some point.

Battlefield Earth – L. Ron Hubbard

 Penned by the late founder of the church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard himself, Battlefield Earth is a futuristic tale of an Earth that exists only as a wasteland run by an evil race of 8 foot tall aliens known as Psychlos. The human population exists only as an army of slaves employed to mine Earth’s resources and as the Psychlos are much bigger, stronger and more intelligent, they have no other choice.

That is until one Jonnie Tyler, a human with the bravery and strength required to fight back, rises up and tries to restore normalcy to the planet. Will he succeed? You’ll have to read to find out!

War of the Worlds – H. G. Wells

War of the worlds

Another Classic science fiction stories from H.G.Wells that needs to be on your sci fi bucket list. In this brilliant book, the earth sits completely unaware of its impending doom and as green flashes are spotted by astronomers, emanating from Mars, every carries on as normal.

What follows is what can only be described as a hostile invasion, as giant metallic creatures begin the task of human extermination. It doesn’t look good for humankind, but a saviour provides hope from an unlikely source. This is yet another ‘must-read’ in our list.

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch

 From the creator of the hugely successful Wayward Pines, Blake Crouch, comes a tale of a lost identity and a lost life. Having been knocked unconscious by someone who asks him “Are you happy with your life?”, Jason Dessen wakes up to find he’s no longer the person he was before. In the old world he was a ‘run of the mill’ college physics professor.  In the new one, he’s a celebrated academic genius. Which is the real world and which is the dream? Maybe neither. Maybe both? Either way, how did he get there? This intriguing book is a hard one to put down.

I, Robot – Isaac Asimov

 In a futuristic world where robots complete all the mundane tasks that humans hate, the rules are simple; No robot may injure a human. No human should be allowed to be harmed. A robot must obey all orders given by humans, except where complying conflicts with rule 1. This vast army of synthetic humanoids is just a computer glitch or a malicious hack away from being unleashed upon the public – something that’s not discovered until it’s too late. This Isaac Asimov classic from the 1950s is a prophetic look at the future relationship between man and machine.

The Man in the High Castle – Philip K. Dick

 Ever wondered about what the world would be like if things had happened differently in World War 2? The Man in the High Castle tells a story of a landscape that sees the Third Reich in control of four fifths of the US. Tensions run high, with Japan, who control the remaining fifth, suspecting that the Nazis have a full scale attack in mind.

The backdrop is one of subversion and intrigue, as the loyalties of everyone involved become muddied with every passing day. This one stays engaging until the very last page.

2001 – A Space Odyssey – Arthur C. CLarke

 This novel is a total classic, as the story of a mysterious monolith, emitting magnetic waves is discovered on the surface of the moon. The monolith is carved to such specific dimensions that it represents evidence of an alien intelligence. When a it sends a powerful transmission to surface of the moons of Saturn, an epic journey commences. What follows is a wonderfully tense and atmospheric story that questions our very existence. Enjoy this one, but make sure you’re prepared to have your mind blown!

Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card

 Set during an unspecified time in the future of Earth, this science fiction novel offers a treat for lovers of space battles. It’s a story of realizing potential as Ender Wiggin, is singled out as THE savior of the human race. He has to fight against all the odds to ensure Earth’s safety, as it becomes seriously threatened by a dangerous species of insectoid aliens.

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