When it comes to novels full of love and romance, there are many ways to do it right, and there are also many ways to do it wrong. The best romance novels are the ones that speak to the soul in a way that is beautiful, melodic, and romantic. They are also novels that can be felt by the heart, and come with a wonderful storytelling ability to inspire imaginative images and pictures in the reader’s mind.

The 10 best romance novels on this list have all been chosen for their keen ability to tell an amazing story that is not only heartfelt, but that is also extremely emotional and all-encompassing. Each of these novels present a different way of looking and feeling what romance and love is really all about, and they each touch upon different ways of showing exactly what is means to love someone. Each of the characters in these novels are colorful, the stories are all epic in their own particular way, and the romances are not only palpable, but also intensely delectable.

Love is one of those wonderfully rare things that we are all lucky if we experience, and the following novels define that rarity in the best way possible.

Here Are The 10 Best Romance Novels Of All Time …

The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

 With a successful film and screenplay under its belt, The Notebook has to be one of the best romance novels of all time. The intense love between the main characters is not only vivacious, but also exciting and deeply consuming. There are highs and lows throughout this very illustrative novel, and by the end of it, not only will there be a lot of tears shed, but probably, an entire psyche shift into what love is truly all about.

Pride And Prejudice – Jane Austen

 Also with a successful film and screenplay under its belt, Pride and Prejudice is not only a great romance novel, but a spectacular novel period. This fun and entertaining story takes place in a time where women did not have a strong voice and romance was something to be hidden. By the end of the novel, the reader is left not only delighted, but also satisfied and excited. Pride and Prejudice is just one of those amazing stores that are perfect in each and every way.

Gone With The Wind 

An epic story of love, loss, and persistence, Gone With The Wind is not only inspiring, but intensely profound. This great romance novel couples romance with the perils of war, hardship, and even death. With intense dialogue and a unique approach to love, Gone With The Wind is one of those stories that are remembered for years and years to come.

Sense And Sensibility – Jane Austen

 No doubt a beautiful story of love and romance, Sense And Sensibility, written by the great Jane Austen, is nothing short of perfection. Harking back to a time of innocence, lust, and desire, Sense And Sensibility is not only full of love and romance, but also, full of what it means to truly live in one’s own truth, and according to one’s real purpose. Deep and extremely meaningful, Sense And Sensibility should be on everyone’s list to read at least once in their life.

Me Before You – Jojo Moyes

 A true-to-life story that can easily be defined as what we all go through from time to time, and that is love, life, and loss. Me Before You is this generations romance novel, since it takes a casual and realistic approach to love, and what it means to find that special someone to call our very own. There is no better way to see love for what it truly is, and what it truly means, than with this novel.

 Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

 Touching upon war and heartache, Outlander is an brilliant novel that takes the reader on living and loving in a time of destruction and peril. A story of time-travel that is inspired by extreme historical events, Outlander is intriguing if only for the interesting approach to what love and attachment actually mean. The romance and love that the main character finds is only met with the harshest desire to not only do what it right, but also, what is just and what will conclusively propel her life forward.

Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

One of the all-time classics, Jane Eyre is considered to be one of the best romance novels of all time due to its awe-inspiring storytelling quality, and interesting characterizations throughout. Met with fiery passion and lust, the main character Jane is consumed with feelings of desire. And, the intense lure of the story lies in the way that the intense romance plays out between the main characters. The story perfectly envelopes the reader in decision-making tale of epic romance. While reading this story, the question on everyone’s mind is probably … just how far is Jane really willing to go for true love?

A Walk To Remember – Nicholas Sparks

 Sweet, innocent, and heartbreaking, A Walk To Remember, is a beautiful story that deals with young love and what it feels like to mean the world to someone else. This novel touches upon disease and despair, and the deep sadness that life can bring. On the other hand, it also conveys the feelings and emotions of young and innocent love, and what it means to truly give of yourself for someone else.

The Rosie Project – Graham Simsion

 With a positive and happy approach, The Rosie Project is an amazing romance novel that is wonderful in that it just makes the reader feel good when reading it. With charm and sweet situations arising at each and every turn, this novel is what dreams are made of. Deeply inspiring in a cute and non-affected way, The Rosie Project is unique in that it brings about a lot of feelings, emotions, and best of all, happiness. It also perfectly takes a realistic approach to romance that is not only approachable, but also, extremely adorable.

Gabriel’s Inferno – Sylvain Reynard

 Gabriel’s Inferno is a brilliant story full of passion and romance taken to the extreme. With no stone left unturned and no feelings left stifled, this epic story takes the reader on a journey that is not only eventful, but also, extremely adventurous. With an all-consuming quality and an approach to love and romance not often seen in many novels, Gabriel’s Inferno is one of the best recent novels to pick up if you are looking for a sudden jolt of emotion and truly intense burst of excitement.

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