Books Made Into Movies 2018

2018 will see some more popular books made into movies, which leads us to ask: Has the movie ever been better than the book? Of course, us book lovers would say no. The reason being a book can provide you with hours, days, or weeks of enjoyment which the movie version limits to a standard two hours. To squeeze everything into a film, the story is largely adapted often losing the very essence of the book, and what more your imagination is set for you. So before some more classic reads get the Hollywood makeover, why not find time to enjoy the original version in ebook or audiobook format. We’ve created a list of books made into movies in 2018.

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The 12 Audiobooks of Christmas

The festive season is upon us which means it’s the perfect time to listen to some timeless Christmas tales.  From children’s classics and short stories to fantasy novels and murder mysteries, there are plenty of festively-themed audiobooks to be enjoyed by the whole family!

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