Stephen King has sold 350 million copies of his books. With the upcoming release of his new novel, Elevation, we look at some of Stephen King’s best 21st century novels.


King wrote Dreamcatcher while recovering from a car accident in 1999. Released in 2001, it tells the story of 4 lifelong friends, Jonesy, Beaver, Henry and Pete. They save Douglas, a boy who has down syndrome, from a group of bullies, after which they form a new friendship. However, the four soon start to share Douglas’ unusual telepathic powers. The themes in this book will be familiar to King readers.

From a Buick 8

King’s 2002 novel is his second to feature a supernatural car (the first being Christine). In A Shed behind the barracks in Pennsylvania State Police, sits an old Buick 8, which no one has touched for years. It’s a beast of a motor with superpowers to boot. A read that definitely makes you think as it explores deeper meanings of life, Although not the scariest of King’s novels, it definitely has the complexity and charterer development that King is the master of.

The Colorado Kid

This 2005 mystery novel deals with the investigation of a body found off the coast of Maine in 1980 by two teenagers. Eventually the identity of the man is traced back to Colorado. They are now working to piece together this now 25 year old case, and solve the mystery of how the Colorado man came to be 2000 miles away from home. This is definitely a read that will leave you hanging.


An apocalyptic horror that sees humans become zombie types after a signal broadcast over the cell phone network. Clayton Riddell flees with others to his suburban home but is trying to  return to the city to reunite with his son. A classic gruesome horror and a fast paced roller-coaster ride that we would not normally associate with King. Get on board and enjoy the ride!

Lisey’s Story

Released in the same year as Cell, this book tells 2 stories. Lisey is the widow of a famous author and the first story is in the present. The second tells of her dead husband as remembered by Lisey. A series of events force her to face the harsh reality of who her husband was. This is another King novel inspired by his accident in 1999, in which he nearly lost his life.

Doctor Sleep

The novel that we were all waiting for in 2013 was this, and it didn’t disappoint, becoming an instant bestselling  upon its release. The sequel to the 1977 classic The Shining, Doctor Sleep picks up on the story of Dan Torrance. He is now a middle- aged man trying to escape the ghosts of his fathers past, and the events that took place at the the notorious Overlook Hotel. However, after meeting a special 12 year old girl that reignites the past, Dan must once again battle to survive. This bloody tale is Stephen King at his best and a crowd please for all devoted fans.


An excerpt of this novel was included at the end of Doctor Sleep paper back copy. This 2014 novel spans 5 decades. The Jacobs family transform the local church in a small town in Maine. The then young Jamie Morten, shares a special bond with Reverend Jacobs. After tragic events the preacher and family leave the town under a dark cloud.
Fast forward 20 years and and we see Jamie as a desperate drug addict in his mid-thirties. He sees Jacobs again, and they come together once more to create a terrifying pact. The book culminates in one of the most chilling endings that King has ever written. A joy for all fans of the genre.

Finders Keepers

The 2015 book is the second in the trilogy about Detective Bill Hodges and follows the murder of John Rothstein, a recluse writer who hasn’t released a book for years. The obsessive Morris Bellamy is furious that a Rothstein character, Jimmy Gold, has not turned out the way he wanted. Murder ensues along with theft of a notebook containing one last Gold novel. Years later, with Morris behind bars, the notebook is found by a boy, Pete Saubers. With Morris then out of prison, Pete and his family are in grave danger from the unhinged murderer.

Sleeping Beauties

Taking place in a women’s prison during an event that causes all women in the world to fall asleep. When awakened and disturbed, the women are violent and feral. There is one woman however, Evie, who is not effected by the paranormal events. Could she be the cure or part of the cause of the mysterious sleeping beauties?


Due out at the end of October 2018, King’s latest announcement is causing a stir among fans. The book is about the seemingly healthy Scott Carey and his mysterious illness which causes him to lose weight. He puts his trust in Doctor Bob Ellis. At the same time Scott’s lesbian neighbors are in dispute with other residents while trying to open a restaurant in a narrow minded small town. However, Scott’s illness unites and brings out the best in the inhabitants of Castle Rock.

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