Our Top 10 Best Horror Books

Whether it’s a spine chiller you’re after or something to make you wonder what goes bump in the night, a good horror novel can get your nerve ends jangling as you turn each page. For the many fans of the macabre out there, we’ve put together our top 10 best horror books. Continue reading “Our Top 10 Best Horror Books”

10 Must Read Crime Novels

If you prefer a good whodunnit? to a period drama or a gritty homicide investigation to a comedy, then you’re likely to be a bit of a crime novel fan. We’ve put together what we consider to be 10 must read crime novels. So we recommend you kick off your shoes, sit back and delve into the murky underworld that is the genre of crime. Continue reading “10 Must Read Crime Novels”

Free English Grammar Books

It can be a challenge to understand English grammar, and it’s not just learners that struggle. For the majority of native English speakers, grammar is difficult and often thought of as redundant. When we learn our material language we do it through listening and repeating. We do not question the why. So where does grammar come into the equation? Continue reading “Free English Grammar Books”

Top 10 Great Summer Reads

Summer, a perfect time to catch up on the backlog of books you just have to get round to. You’d be hard-pressed to find better locations than the beach or the park if you just want to while away the hours of a long summer day, flicking through the pages of an engaging and perhaps exotic novel. Continue reading “Top 10 Great Summer Reads”

Top 10 Science Fiction Books

If you’re someone who prefers a lightsaber to a cutlass or a space cruiser to an aeroplane, then you’re likely to be nutty about science fiction. In which case, you’re going to love the list we’ve put together of our Top 10 science fiction books. So sit back and tuck in to our choice picks of all things supernatural. Continue reading “Top 10 Science Fiction Books”