The Rise of the Audio Book

Changing the way we Interact with Literature

In the last 30 years, technology in society has evolved to such a degree that it would be unrecognizable to a time traveler catapulted here from the 1980s. Computers have developed from very basic gaming machines enjoyed by children, to devices that people live their lives through – an essential life tool no less. Continue reading “The Rise of the Audio Book”

Best Audio Books Free with Audible Trial

30-day audible trial

Audible is an Amazon company that offer a free audio book when you sign up to their 30-day free trial. With over 180,000+ audio books they have the largest collection of audio books on the web. From the latest books to classics and best-sellers, you have a great resource from which to find the best audio books.

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The Man Booker International Prize 2018 Shortlist

If you’re looking for modern fiction recommendations, then look no further than the 6 books on the Man Booker International Prize 2018 shortlist. The awards celebrates the best international fiction novels that have been translated into English and published in the UK, with the prize being split between the author and the translator. Continue reading “The Man Booker International Prize 2018 Shortlist”

10 Best Books by YouTubers

YouTube has given the stage to almost anyone that wishes to share their interests through video. Since all you need is a video camera and an internet connection, it’s not surprising that so many of us are having a go and new YouTube stars are appearing every week. From cat videos to language lessons, funny pranks to niche hobbies, there’s something for everyone on YouTube. Two of the more popular forms of uploads are video commentary and vlogging (video blogging). These videos usually have a comical or satirical theme and have taught us that people are not afraid to share! The most successful stars have also put pen to paper and given us some hilarious reads. With that said, we’ve put together the 10 best books by YouTubers.

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Top 10 LGBT Themed Books

LGBT literature has been around for decades, and it is no longer hidden in a secluded dark corner of the library or local bookshop. Today, it is well and truly in the mainstream.

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